1. Where are CNBizCheck’s offices located?

We have offices in Austin TX and Shanghai China.

2. Where do you get your information?

All of our data is sourced from government databases, public legal records, and media outlet records.

3. How can I trust the information you provide is real?

All information we use in our services are verified with government regulated databases, has track of records and is up to date and trustworthy.

4. How long have you been operating?

We are a new company, but we are a team with many years of experience in both data and international trade.

5. What are your main services, what exactly do you do?

Our main services comprise of business reports and background information on Chinese businesses.

6. How do I use CNBizCheck?

We have instructional videos and pictures to get you started, if you have any extra questions, feel free to email us at

7. What kind of customers do you work with?

Our services are for anyone or any entity wishing to find information on a certain Chinese company. Our services provide a great platform for third party verification of potential Chinese business partners.

8. Do you have a privacy policy?

Yes, please check our Privacy Policy.

9. Do you offer any type of guarantee with your product?

No, although we are able to verify background information of your parterners in China, there will always be risk when doing business anywhere.

10. What is your experience with China?

We are a team of members from China and US, with expertise in business, law, big data and technology.